UX Professional

Denver, Colorado

About Me

An innovative, multi-faceted individual offering a diverse skill-set with over 13 years of creating exceptional user experiences across multiple platforms. Currently working at Pitney Bowes as a Principal Interaction Designer & Team Lead. Balancing creativity, strategy, and functionality while meeting both the business and end user needs is my goal for every project I lead.


Information Architecture

Content prioritization, competitive analysis, personas, user scenarios, and user flows create the foundation for a successful project.

Experience Design

User Journeys, touch points, current design patterns, user and business goals are channeled into sketches and wireframes to provide the optimal end user experience.

Visual Design

Visually appealing and emotionally engaging designs enhance the user experience and can reach well beyond the digital realm.

Usability Testing

Prototyping concepts and conducting usability tests often and interating based on findings is imperative to a successful product.

Jake is a multi dimensional Information Architect. His skills and insights far exceed the typical skills of his craft and profession. He is quick to ideas and imaginative in his approach. He was a huge asset when it came time for business development projects.

Beyond that, Jake is truly a golden personality that gives optimism and joy to any team. His "can do" attitude gave his manager, and myself a tremendous amount of confidence. What more can you ask of an employee? If you can think of it, Jake can and will answer.

-- John Roberts, V.P. Group Creative Director / Practice Lead at Merkle Inc. --


I've had the pleasure of working with great companies in a variety of industries, creating impactful engaging experiences along the way.

  • Jake is a talented user experience designer. I was impressed with how effective he was in communicating user needs to the team. He is a great team player, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to any organization that wants to make a difference in the usability of their product.

    Jennifer Rousey, User Experience Lead - API Healthcare

  • Jake was able to absorb project requirements so well that he contributed as a business analyst with exceptional design skills. Additionally, Jake made work a better place as he is easy to work with and supportive to team members even under stressful and difficult conditions.

    Dave Kerr, Vice President Services - PayWithMyBank

  • Jake is dependable, reliable, a creative thinker, a hard-worker and honest. Jake also provided extremely valuable insight into our UI designs at Travelport. He consistently achieved great results and delivered on all expectations. His true strengths are his ability to understand and effectively communicate complex issues. Jake is truly a unique individual and is interested in pushing the boundaries of design

    Kristi Sagrillo, Visual Design Lead - API Healthcare

  • Jake is a designer that understands that ultimately design is about solving problems and not about making things look pretty. He is a critical thinker that is not afraid to ask the difficult questions, reform his own opinions and approach problems from an angle that others may have missed. I was impressed with his grasp of complex user interface and interaction issues and how quickly he was able to translate his experience into true knowledge.

    Jonathan Jaynes, User Experience Expert


Want to say hello? Feel free to call me at 970.799.2841, email me at Jake@Jake-Taylor.com or connect below.